It’s me again!

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It’s me again!

It’s time to blog again. Our trip to Zambia was successful and a lot was accomplished. Again this year we had to limit how far we went due to concerns about the vehicle. But we did visit the Copper Belt and did well there in helping the congregations. We were able to repair 18 wells. That means that we aided in supplying water to more than 10,000 Zambians.

Our plan to plant a congregation in Chitumbi was derailed when one of the ladies of the village was killed by a crocodile at the lake. A funeral in the villages is a very big event that takes the better part of a week. It would have been bad form to move forward with our program. Plus, we would have had a very poor, if not nonexistent, turnout.

The village is anxious for us to come and start a congregation. They also expressed the need for a well to be drilled there since this is not the first person who has lost their life at the lake for water. Funds have become available to drill a well there so we are going to incorporate the drilling with the church planting. The drillers will be onsite sometime tomorrow. While they are there drilling the well Charles and some others will be talking to the people about NT Christianity. I will post further information when it is available. By this weekend probably.

We are also laying groundwork for a new congregation in the Dakota area. But we are proceeding slowly. Printed material has been distributed and we have obtained permission from the village head men to move forward. I hope to report more in the near future.

Just blogging along to stay in touch.

God bless!