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The following is received from Zambia concerning our work on the radio:

We are on the radio on Kariba FM in Siavonga and KNC in Kabwe. If funds are available we are looking to begin a program on Mufumbwe. Mufumbwe is in North Western Zambia. Siavonga is in Southern Province and KNC in Kabwe is in Central Province.
From November 2019 to 07 November 2021 the radio program resulted in 36 Baptisms and 26 restorations. A new congregation was begun at Chitumbi in the Gwembe District in Southern
Province. This Church has an average attendance of between 35 and 40. 18 have been baptized since congregation has begun.

The program also gave birth to 4 Bible study centers which we pray may result to the birth of Churches in the near future. Bible study centers are:
Kawama in Chisamba
Kabanga in Chisamba a distance of 56km apart.
Katondo in Kabwe all the three centers are in the Central Province. Bandela in Chirundu Lusaka Province.
We are so thankful of your continued support.
Charles Phiri

I am looking at funding for the radio work for 2022. As noted above we are hoping to begin another program in the Northwester Province. At this time we are looking at what the cost might be for that.

I am returning to yearly trips to Zambia in April. Due to the delay caused by COVID restrictions I have not been able to travel and work there since 2019. If funds are available I hope to spend 6 weeks in Zambia.

If any have questions please free to contact me at [email protected]

God bless!